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Entrance Books

Books Books Books: Lets talk about them

We all like collecting books. Don't we?

When I was preparing for entrance examinations, I was always searching for "The Right Book", and ofcourse I wasted more time collecting books than I should have. Before we start talking about books we need to talk about the things we want from a book. There is a fundamental difference between reading a book for fun and reading a book for entrance examinations. While we need an interesting book for casual reading that makes us feel good at the end of the day, we need something more "to the point" for entrance examinations. Here are a few things that a book must have in order to be the right book for entrance exams.

Books Recommended

  1. It must have the right amount of information. A book with little information would make you search for other books and one with pages and pages of irrelevant material would be an equal waste of time. We all understand the importance of time manegement!!

  2. It must give you an exposure to the toughness level of the exam. You don't want to be feeling like a topper after solving Xth standard problems, and neither do we recommend being depressed after failing to solve the problems suited for Einsteins.

  3. It must help you train yourself with the type of questions you would face in an exam. A book with extensive theory may be good for building fundamentals but if multiple choice questions are what you need to answer also get a book that would help you score a century in 100 balls.

  4. It must be easy to understand. A book that requires three readings before you can figure out what it is saying is wasting your time.

  5. Most importantly, you must be comfortable with the book. If everyone likes book X and you prefer book Y, try to think why do you prefer this book. Sometimes students tend to choose books that are simpler or harder than the exam level (see the 2nd point above). But if you feel that book Y meets the first four criteria, have confidence and go ahead with book Y.

We at pet-pmt.com believe that confidence is the most important thing you should have with you. We are making every effort to help the students succeed. Feel free to send us an email at info@pet-pmt.com or log on to the FORUM and send us your questions, comments and suggestions.

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